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Linux isn't new its been around for many years and still used on some of the most powerful computers in the world, security, user friendly desktops, gaming, graphics, can be modified by user , and given to friends without fear of piracy issues.  Does not crash or get as many viruses as its counterpart and is tailor-able to any user level from novice to professional.

Try the 3d Desktop, downloads, internet browsing etc. is quite fast program loading means no wait use of programs or multiple programs, RAID is also available (0,1,6,10) for those who want even higher speeds or reliability, even M.2 Raids can be configured.

We generally use Micro ATX Mainboards and 32GB DDR4 3000 RAM, if you want faster RAM just ask, as long as compatible with system and processor, We use Intel Processors for low power consumption and cooler operation.

If you have and idea for a system, ask and we will deliver a quote to you with your specs, due to the massive quantity of parts available, its really hard to order a prebuilt system built to personal requirements without having to spend even more to make changes to meet your requirements.

We prefer using Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu Operating systems. 

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SUDOPC sells custom built desktop computers for small business and personal use.  Ubuntu/Debian preinstalled, low cost and high performance gaming computers, for enthusiasts, business and browsers, easily adapted for the novice and the power user. If a product is not listed or custom build, leave us a message and we will send a quote

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What can we do for you?. .While we do not do Windows, I found unbelievable mountains of software and customization utilities (free in Open source repositories)for Linux (Ubuntu), tired of spending hand over fist for band-aides and services to fix your slow PC, let me know what I can do for you. Our primary focus is on Affordable Linux and RAID solutions for home and small business use, if you want something different let us know.

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Spent years looking for the perfect mix of performance and reliability, and found it with a low power high performance system. I hope to pass my experiences to you and give you the low cost alternative to constantly spending money to update, protect and secure your desktop computer system.  Let me know how I may assist you or if you would like info added or changes made to the website or system lists. 

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